It has nothing to do with me

It happens in the best families: a marriage ends in divorce, and the following relationship does not work out either. What does the experienced man or woman do when tired of being alone? The same as everyone else does. Before dating online, people went to bars and discotheques to find someone for a night or more. Today it is the chat room or the dating portal that creates the hook up. Is HIV a topic when it comes to one-night-stands? »Nope«, you regularly and illogically hear, »that’s something to deal with when the relationship becomes more serious.« So unprotected intercourse seems to be normal among heterosexuals and outnumbers any gay habits by far. So much for gay men being a high-risk group. And why should heterosexuals not be threatened by venereal diseases including HIV?

It is not only the physical threat of a sickness that gets to people, but more the fear. It is the fear of being unattractive due to the virus, the fear of facing a life of being single – without children and grandchildren, and the fear of being a misfit. Beyond that, it is the fear of suddenly being confronted by and involved with something that has up to then been associated with others. […]



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