Another closet to come out

It is not easy coming out of the closet, to admit being gay, as long as (still too) many people falsely believe homosexuality is a disease, a plague sent by God, or just the devil’s work. But once you have decided to come out, your confidence in having done the right thing grows constantly. But if you are about to come out with an HIV infection, there is no guarantee whether it is the right thing to do at all. You cannot possibly deal with such a diagnosis by yourself. Some questions have to be evaluated very carefully: to whom/when/what and how much do I reveal? Should I talk about it at all? Do I know enough about the disease to answer inevitable questions? Can I cope with the comments? Possible reactions include sorrow, helplessness and consternation, revulsion, which can lead to bullying, discrimination, social exclusion or pure hate. […]



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