»Beyond the VirusHIV infected my blood but not my life«, offers an intimate view into the life of a positive man. Matthias Gerschwitz, author and protagonist, is HIV positive. The virus was detected in 1994, but likely transmitted in 1992.

The author is one of the 87,500 persons living with HIV or AIDS in Germany (as of December 2018) and one of the only a few to go public with his infection. The tone of the book corresponds with his personal way to handle his infected life: pro-actively, openly and with optimism. »Beyond The Virus« is about a life with HIV, now spanning over more than twenty years. The author never bemoaned his diagnosis. Instead he accepted the infection rather quickly and proceeded to deal with his altered life with optimism and a positive attitude.

The book covers the author’s personal circumstances, experiences and insights. Some general information also found its way into »Beyond the Virus«, thus connecting the personal insight with interesting and relevant knowledge on how HIV is viewed in Germany today.

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